argue with me! (if you don't want to, tell someone who does!)

2007-12-19 19:11:32 by Charlotte

about anything!
i'm goddamn bored!

except politics, to a certain extent, because i don't care very much about the president and stuff like that.
for some prompts, i am neopagan, a nietzsche reader, lesbian, a casual smoker, rich, mainly a metal listener, decently pro at pokemon, and an avid follower of several anime. contrary to what my profile says, i live in new york city, but i have a strong dislike for what much of american culture has become and would rather live in my mother's hometown of portofino, or maybe kyoto.

if you would prefer not to argue and are simply reading this out of curiosity, please opine upon the effect of urethral secretions of all kinds on freshly fallen snow. have you recently participated in an activity like this? if so, was it fun? did you draw pretty yellow pictures? or was it simply out of necessity? elaborate.

i thoroughly enjoy a serious debate. feel free to challenge me, even though you'll probably lose or end up agreeing with me.


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2007-12-19 21:53:56



2007-12-23 01:21:37

you're fat, aren't you?

Charlotte responds:

unfortunately not. i've always wondered what it must be like to be fat, or maybe even pleasantly plump, but i've been forever cursed with a high metabolism and thus have maintained a boyishly thin/athletic body for the course of my entire lifetime. and now that i have type II diabetes, i'm not even allowed to get fat anymore.

oh well. ):


2007-12-23 04:27:42

Sometimes I piss in snow and put it into ice cream which I feed to people I don't like.

I was in the NG Mafia, by the way.

Charlotte responds:

hi britkid
i know this username, no need for explanation


2007-12-24 13:32:53


merry Christmas


2007-12-25 19:22:19



2007-12-25 19:33:18

Put your loving hand out, baby
I'm beggin


2007-12-25 19:36:09

There is no snow here.

I blame Al Gore and his doomsday bullshit 'documentary'.


2007-12-25 19:36:24

ghhhh my head hurts


2007-12-25 19:36:37



2007-12-25 19:39:41

I am not psychotic, I swear.


2007-12-25 19:47:30

A broken man
Without a throne
Wont even stand the devils dance
To win my soul


2007-12-25 20:04:38

i am tired but i still cant sleep


2007-12-25 20:30:13

i am cursed with a high metabolism too :( i feel your pain !

Charlotte responds:

hey ssaf i bet you've peed in the snow before
oh god if only i could have a penis for a day, just to pee crop circle designs in the middle of the great lawn


2007-12-26 00:30:14

sapporo could kick kyoto's butt in a game of <?????>

Charlotte responds:

kyoto sanga f.c. could take on consadole sapporo any day


2007-12-28 22:56:07

Yes, American culture has gotten quite stupid. I'm ashamed to have to put up with it.

As for snow, I'd love to, but we never get more than an inch and it melts before I can do Pee-casso style stuff on it.

(^^I suck at making good arguments. There you go.^^)

Charlotte responds:

i want to make a dick joke but i am not witty enough to think of one



2008-01-06 15:15:39

Just happened to be scrolling through my old PMs all the way back to October 2005 when only teh mods had them, and was clickin' on some profiles. Saw your news post, and it intrigued me. You want an argument, eh? Hmmmm... kay. After reading all the comments, it doesn't look like you got much attempts... but... they have inspired me:

People who (either in all seriousness or jokingly) complain/whine about their super-high metabolism keeping them thin (i.e. SuperSexyActionFurry or yourself)... are either insanely EVIL or insanely MEAN or insanely STUPID.

Discuss! #;-}>

Being fat isn't all it's made out to be, stop envying us fatties, you meaners. ;_;

Charlotte responds:

hullo there !
i don't believe simple curiosity can be considered evil or mean, and while ignorance is obviously a factor in our wonderment, stupid we're not. knowing the full implications of being overweight, i still feel it's a state worth experiencing, if not to gain some sort of understanding/sympathy for those who struggle to lose weight, perhaps just for the hell of it.

since there's nothing to be done about our ignorance, what is there that accounts for stupidity? or what is it that makes curiosity an evil or mean trait?

why not take pride in the fact that we are envious of you, ne?


2008-01-06 17:48:21

I wrote my name in it in big bold letters recently B)

Charlotte responds:

very nice (:


2008-02-04 19:55:57

Just because you use really big words, does not mean that you convince me on your smartness. No I have never done the act you speak of, simply because there has never been a need for it. DO YOU REALLY LIVE IN ITALY?#2/234//@#$/

Charlotte responds:

"contrary to what my profile says, i live in new york city"


2008-02-24 13:58:19

You're a fucking bitch that thinks having a cunt is enough to be popular on the internet.

(Updated ) Charlotte responds:

bitch, probably
fucking, definitely not, i rarely get laid and it's making me unhealthily pedophilic
and having a vagina means nothing on the internet (for one i'm not very popular, so that theory's gone to shit; plus, you know, anyone can lie, it's your personality or lack thereof that makes you likable or not.)

i wonder what i ever did to offend you :%