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super princess peach

2008-03-09 11:04:58 by Charlotte

picked up yesterday, currently world 3-1 and i am very pleased with myself for choosing a wonderful game hey wait what the fuck am i doing on newgrounds

so hi kids i know you're watching
time to throw down the pain!~

monday, 10 mar 2008 2:28 pm
world 6-3.

monday, 10 mar 2008 4:38 pm
world 7-2.

wednesday, 12 mar 2008 7:07 pm
it's been over 24 hours since i beat world 8-5
fuck bowser

super princess peach

argue with me! (if you don't want to, tell someone who does!)

2007-12-19 19:11:32 by Charlotte

about anything!
i'm goddamn bored!

except politics, to a certain extent, because i don't care very much about the president and stuff like that.
for some prompts, i am neopagan, a nietzsche reader, lesbian, a casual smoker, rich, mainly a metal listener, decently pro at pokemon, and an avid follower of several anime. contrary to what my profile says, i live in new york city, but i have a strong dislike for what much of american culture has become and would rather live in my mother's hometown of portofino, or maybe kyoto.

if you would prefer not to argue and are simply reading this out of curiosity, please opine upon the effect of urethral secretions of all kinds on freshly fallen snow. have you recently participated in an activity like this? if so, was it fun? did you draw pretty yellow pictures? or was it simply out of necessity? elaborate.

i thoroughly enjoy a serious debate. feel free to challenge me, even though you'll probably lose or end up agreeing with me.

hi guys what's up
life is shitty

i can't imagine how much of a total loser you have to be to scroll the newgrounds front page or whatever for user-made posts with the intent of commenting on them
i mean, at least try to waste time on better things, you'd probably merit more respect if you just went and started playing WoW

also, i don't expect anyone to look at this so go ahead and feel ten times worse about yourself if you are



2007-07-17 19:12:08 by Charlotte

snow curse